The law offices of R. Leigh Frost Law, Ltd. is located in the city of Saint Paul, MN with a primary practice in family law.

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Ms. Frost sincerely believes that relationships last as long as they are supposed to. Each relationship serves a purpose and once that purpose is met, the relationship may simply transition to a different circumstance. Relationships do not fail when they end, however they may fail when they last longer than they are supposed to because that is when people start to behave badly toward each other, such as taking out frustrations and/or resentments against each other. While Ms. Frost supports alternative dispute resolution, such as the collaborative law institute, she finds that it is not necessary to be a member of the collaborative law institute in order to practice law collaboratively. Her goal is to assist clients with transitioning to the next level of their relationship, if applicable, as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Family law professional with more than nine years of experience operating a solo practice, as well as five years as a contract Ramsey County Public Defender representing teenagers in parental notification hearings.