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Proud Recipient Tubman 2018 Family Law Attorney of the Year

There are many lawyers in Minneapolis, but when you want a family attorney, you need the very best. Family law cases are often complex and emotionally charged. R. Leigh Frost is an experienced divorce attorney who will make the process easier for you.

The law offices of R. Leigh Frost Law, Ltd. is a local Minneapolis, MN attorney’s office with a primary practice in family law.

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family law attorney in St Paul and Minneapolis R Leigh Frost

Ms. Frost is a family law attorney who sincerely believes that relationships last as long as they are supposed to. Each relationship serves a purpose and once that purpose is met, the relationship may simply transition to a different circumstance. Relationships do not fail when they end, however they may fail when they last longer than they are supposed to because that is when people start to behave badly toward each other, such as taking out frustrations and/or resentments against each other. While Ms. Frost supports alternative dispute resolution, such as the collaborative law institute, she finds that it is not necessary to be a member of the collaborative law institute in order to practice law collaboratively. Her goal is to assist clients with transitioning to the next level of their relationship, if applicable, as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Family lawyer for Minneapolis & St Paul with more than nine years of experience operating a solo practice, as well as five years as a contract Ramsey County Public Defender representing teenagers in parental notification hearings.

Our Minneapolis Law Services


A divorce is a difficult time for anyone. R. Leigh Frost will help you ensure that your interests are fully protected during divorce proceedings. That includes issues like the division of property, child custody, and child support. Learn more about our Divorce services.

Child Custody

A stable, secure living situation is an absolute necessity for any child. R. Leigh Frost will support you in reaching the child custody arrangement you believe is best. This may include challenging the parental fitness of the other party. Learn more about our Child Custody services.

Child Support

Raising a child presents financial challenges for anybody. Child support represents a commitment on the part of a non-custodial parent to do the right thing for a child’s well-being. Our law firm is experienced in pursuing child support arrangements that will meet your family’s unique needs. Learn more about our Child Support services.


Alimony is a form of financial support and maintenance that may be considered separately from child support. It can be issued as a lump sum or, more frequently, on a continuing basis. An alimony agreement can last for years and should reflect the financial condition of each spouse. Learn more about Alimony.

Division of Assets & Liability

During a divorce, it is essential that shared property be allocated on an equitable basis. This often leaves one spouse at a significant disadvantage due to disparities in wages, investments, and so on. R. Leigh Frost is your partner in ensuring that your rights are protected. Learn more about the Division of Assets & Liability.


Divorce modifications may be necessary to amend any of the material and legal requirements imposed by a divorce agreement. For example, you might find you need to make changes in child custody, child visitation rights, or spousal support – potentially months or years after the divorce. Learn more about our Modifications service.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can protect both parties when entering into marriage. A well-designed prenuptial agreement is effective in helping each spouse understand rights, responsibilities, and recourse during the marriage and in the event, it ends in divorce. Learn more about our Prenuptial Agreement services.

Post-Decree Modifications

Either party may bring motions to amend a divorce decree. They may impact issues like child custody, child support, or alimony. If your ex-spouse files for a post-decree modification based on alleged misconduct, R. Leigh Frost can defend you. Learn more about our Post-Decree Modification services.

When it comes to the best family lawyer for your needs in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, R. Leigh Frost stands above the others. To find out more or get started right away, contact The Law Offices of R. Leigh Frost.