Areas of Practice

Family law is a complex and emotionally-charged field, and it’s definitely an area in which professional guidance is essential. At the R. Leigh Frost Law Firm, we work hard to balance the needs of both parties in any custody dispute or similar disagreement, and we treat families with the care and respect they deserve during all legal proceedings.

Turn to us when you need a family lawyer in¬†Minneapolis that will listen with compassion and formulate a plan that isn’t based on attacking the other side.

Whether you’re new to the world of family law or have dealt with it many times before, we hope you find the following information helpful in explaining our specific areas of practice and the services we offer.


Areas of Practice | Divorce

Separating from your spouse is never easy, but trying to get through the process without professional help makes it even harder. We’ve handled hundreds of divorce cases for families in St. Paul that are just trying to move on and get a fresh start.

Child Custody

Areas of Practice | Custody & Parenting Time

Once a couple has settled on divorce as the right choice, the next challenge is determining who will care for the children and when. Child custody disagreements can turn an otherwise amicable divorce into a protracted battle. We know how to prove your fitness as a parent, no matter what accusations are thrown your way while you’re using our services.

Child Support

Areas of Practice | Child Support

The court orders the exchange of money between former spouses to make sure the children involved in the divorce have the best care and opportunities available to them. Are you concerned about how much you’ll be paying or receiving as child support when your divorce is settled? Let us help you develop a monetary plan that balances the needs of your children with your finances.


Areas of Practice | Alimony

Working hard for years as a homemaker or settling for a lower-paying job to spend more time with your family can leave you struggling after a divorce. Don’t be afraid to seek spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, if the end of your marriage is going to impact you financially.

Division of Assets & Liability

Areas of Practice | Division of Assets & Liability

Dividing assets equitably is essential to settling a divorce without developing long-term grudges toward your former spouse. Assets encompass all of your physical belongings and intangible sources of wealth, while liabilities include debts and judgments against you as a couple. Separating these kinds of entanglements is difficult, but we’ll put in the hard work to investigate the facts and create a fair division of assets deal.


Areas of Practice | Modifications

Once your divorce case is already filed and in the process of being completed, it takes a lot of extra work to change the terms and agreements involved in the paperwork. This is one of our most important services because you must act quickly to file divorce decree modifications before the divorce is finalized.

Prenuptial Agreements

Areas of Practice | Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to set up expectations for your marriage before you tie the knot. Our team specializes in drafting agreements that will stand up in court by steering you away from unenforceable terms.

Post Decree Modifications

Areas of Practice | Post Decree Modifications

Life changes can alter the nature of your custody agreements, spousal maintenance payments, or other terms of your divorce. From job loss to a new marriage, our post-decree modifications service help you change your divorce terms years or even decades later.